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Arish Capital Partners (“ACP”) was founded as a joint venture between two leading industry players within real estate investment and immigration through investment advisory: Aram Capital and Global Minds combined their respective expertise, skills, know-how, execution capability and local networks to achieve best in class solutions for Immigration through real estate investment in Europe.

With over 65 years of combined experience in real estate investment, finance, fund management and immigration, Arish Capital Partners has uniquely positioned itself as a knowledgeable and innovative solution provider in Portugal, UK, Spain, Greece and Turkey.

Arish Capital Partners in Portugal has focused its Investments solutions at the Golden Visa reduced Investment scheme of 350.000€ through both real estate direct investment (in rehabilitation projects) and through regulated Private Equity Funds. Its niche expertise provides investors and partners with much valued comfort during the end to end immigration process, whilst forensically assessing the value proposition of the underlying real estate investment. Arish Capital Partners will invest in projects alongside immigration investors.

Today Arish Capital Partners hold a reputed position and solid relationships with strong local professional teams (such as architects, lawyers, etc), as well as construction partners, hospitality management groups and property managers, offering a unique proposition and a value-added package.

Arish Capital Partners recognize the value a residence permit or second passport can provide to investors and that such assets need to be proactively (and expertly) asset managed. It is the asset that can fundamentally change the lives of individuals and families.

Core Strengths