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Portugal is Located in southern Europe, member of the United Nations, European Union, Eurozone and the Schengen Area.

It is a developed country with a high-income advanced economy and living standards.

4th most peaceful country in the world, also ranking very high on stability, democracy, prosperity, freedom of press, moral and religious freedom, easy of doing business, and road & infrastructure network.

900 years old, the oldest country in Europe which has held it’s borders since creation. Albeit, a small country but it’s impact on world history was crucial. Today there are 300 Million Portuguese speakers worldwide.


With 10.4M population, Portugal has a rich, unique culture, lively cities, beautiful beaches, a pristine countryside, enjoyable lifestyle and fantastic climate. Portugal ranks 12th globally in the best public health systems, ahead of highly developed countries like the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden, providing universal coverage.

Portugal is strong in agro-business, mining and the metallurgy sectors (Europe’s leading cooper producer). Its Industry is well diversified, ranging from automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, electronics and textiles to chemicals, cement and wood pulp. In the last years Portugal has increasingly transition to a service-based economy.

The economic crisis served as a catalyst to not only the Real Estate Market growth but also creativity and entrepreneurship. Lisbon has cemented its reputation as a key hub for technology and start-ups. Hosting as of 2017, Web Summit “the best technology conference on the Planet”, according Forbes.


Unlike a number of countries, the Portuguese Government has not tightened rules on foreign ownership or increased property taxes. Instead, the absence of inheritance tax along with two key initiatives have been critical in attracting new investment.

Non-Habitual Residence (NHR) tax rule, introduced in 2009, allows for a flat rate of 20% personal income tax from activities performed in Portugal and a tax exemption, including pensions, on all foreign income.

‘The Golden Visa’, offers residency to investors outside the EU (enabling free movement across the Schengen area, comprised of 26 EU states) in return for a minimum property investment of €350,000 (standard Program is 500,000€). Operational since 2012.

In addition, Lisbon has one of the highest qualities of life, low crime, good transport links, international schools and healthcare.

100% Life Style


Beach & Sun

800 km of Coastline with an average temperature of 9ºC to 14º C in the Winter and 16-30℃ in Summer.



Best Golf Destination in the World, with 88 golf courses and over 1.8 million rounds of golf



Biggest Wave in the World (Nazare) and renowned place for Surfing

Portuguese Real Estate Market

Residential Property investments in 2017

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Number of units sold in 2017 to foreigners, For total of €2.8B

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