Investors in Golden Visa – Portugal​

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As part of our Citizenship through Property Investment division, Portugal has become a key investment area for Arish Capital Partners. With our people on the ground handpicking real estate assets, there exists unique opportunities for citizenship.

Portugal Golden Visa

In 2012, Portugal approved special legislation designed to attract foreign investment, by offering a fast way for property investors (non EU citizens) to receive a residence permit, making it a privileged entry into Europe and allowing such permit holders free circulation in Schengen countries. 

On September the 2nd, 2015, new amendments were added to the procedures that allow, through investment, obtaining the residence permit known as the Golden Visa.

As of this date, it is possible to apply for this visa through one of the following investment options:

Real estate investment covers:

This type of investment includes:

For information regarding our latest projects in Portugal, please contact our immigration specialist.